Explora MAGIC

Fitting options of our new Explora Magic hoof boot model

Gluing the Explora Racing boot to the hooves
Explora RACING (glue on)

Steps for a correct gluing of the Explora Racing hoof shoe

Fitting Explora hoof boots

Explora Solution fitting options

Explora Solution: How to fit Explora hoof boot

# Option A: Fit the boot without protective bracelet

Recommended for horseback riding (walk)

# Option B: Fit the boot with protective bracelet

Recommended for difficult conditions (mud, steep slopes, gallop, etc.)

# Customized adaptation: Molding the boot with the help of heat

Explora Racing (glue-on shoe): How to glue the boots to the hoof

# Gluing the boots on in less than 5 minutes

# Process of gluing the boot to the hoof Step by step