Explora Racing,

a new concept in hoof protections for competition horses

With a revolutionary gluing system:

  • easier,

  • faster,

  • cleaner

  • and cheaper

Racing. Explora Boot glue on shoe

The best protection
in your equine competitions

With Explora Racing glue-ons your horse will feel more secure, so you will feel more confident and relaxed. Fun guaranteed!

A light and flexible hoof boot
the horse almost won’t realize that he is wearing it …

Explore Racing glue-ons provide reliable and ergonomic protection. And each boot weighs just over 200 grams!

Racing is an all terrain hoof shoe
water, rock, mud, …
there is no limit

Sole specially designed to provide the horse a exceptional grip on all terrains.

Very resistant, durable and reusable

Racing hoof boots are designed to ride many kilometers. They can also be reused, since you can take off them and re-glue-on them several times.

Explora boot glue-on all terrain

Gluing-on hoof boots was never so easy clean and economical

Its special design allows the injection of glue with the boot on, making the process very simple and clean. It is not necessary to make any cut or modification on the boot before gluing-on it.

Its studied design allows a correct distribution of the glue using only the necessary amount. Forget about wasting glue!

Racing hoof boot has two funnels specially designed so that the glue injection mixer tip fits perfectly, and it doesn’t slip during the gluing process.

Explora glue-on hoof boot

If you test it,
you repeat 😉

Now that you know me better, it may be time to get to know each other.
I will try to do my best to make your life easier.
Maybe we become inseparable, or maybe not …, but that there is only one way to know it;
Do we try?

– Explora Racing glue on hoof shoe –

The easy-to-glue horse shoe for demanding horses and riders.

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