Explora Magic is the most versatile hoof boot you can imagine

Características Explora Magic

La bota Explora Magic es nuestro nuevo modelo y estamos entusiasmados con ella por la libertad de movimiento que le aporta a nuestros caballos, permitiendo que mantengan su movimiento natural independientemente de la altura de sus talones. Además, y ¡son tan ligeras y fáciles de mantener…!

Explora Magic permite un ajuste totalmente adaptable y personalizado al casco del caballo. Su parte posterior puede adaptarse tanto vertical como horizontalmente, por lo que puede adaptarse a prácticamente cualquier pezuña e, incluso, a cualquier cambio dentro del ciclo de crecimiento de su caballo.

Las rejillas de ventilación permiten un drenaje fácil al mismo tiempo que permiten que el casco respire y se flexione de forma natural dentro de la bota, lo que mantiene activa la ranilla del casco y permite un movimiento natural e independiente de los talones. ¡Eso es fantástico para que la ranilla permanezca activa y saludable!

También se pueden termoformar (en la mitad inferior de la pared de la bota) para adaptarla también a las diferentes angulaciones e irregularidades del casco, aunque no suele ser necesario gracias a sus múltiples posibilidades de ajuste.

Además, a diferencia de otras botas, la forma de nuestras suelas permite que, cuando el caballo pisa sobre el terreno, la fuerza de empuje recaiga sobre la zona del talón (tejido duro naturalmente preparado para tal fin), en lugar de recaer sobre la zona de los bulbos ( tejidos blandos que no deben estar sujetos a este tipo de presión). ¡Ésta es una gran ventaja!

Bota para caballos Explora Magic

Explora Boot nace fruto de muchos años de estudio del caballo, de sus cascos, de su cuidado, de su rendimiento. Queremos salud para nuestros caballos y para los tuyos, por eso hemos buscado soluciones, las que seguramente tú también estabas buscando.

Aspiramos a acompañarte en tu camino y a mejorar siempre un poco más, al lado de personas como tú, que se preocupan por la salud de sus animales.

¿Qué nos dices ? ¿te unes?

Explora Boot

La bota para caballos exploradores

Explora Magic

What kind of users are Explora Magic boots aimed at?

To all those owners of barefoot horses (barefoot) or in transition phase (from horseshoe to barefoot), who practice horseback riding in any of their different disciplines.

What's so special about Explora Magic horse boots?

Explora Magic boots are the perfect ally for barefoot horse owners; extremely easy to put on and remove thanks to its innovative “EASY ON” system and totally respectful of the natural biomechanics of the hoof. In addition, the longitudinal opening of the sole in the area of the frog,allows it not to atrophy and work completely free. They can also be used on virtually any type of hoof thanks to their easily adjustable back horizontally and vertically to suit different forms of hooves.

What accessories make up the boot?

We have designed a simple boot with as few parts as possible, all of them available for sale in an inpedient way to be able to extend the life of the boot. We like to take care of the environment 🙂

The Magic boot consists of sole, heel, elastic fit strap and anti-loss bracelet.

How much does a boot weigh?

Its extraordinary lightness will make your horse barely notice that he is wearing them. Depending on the size, its weight ranges from 248-390gr!

Uses of boots

In what equestrian disciplines can boots be used?

They can be used in any equestrian discipline. Our Magic model is tested for very demanding training conditions. However, for high-level sports competitions we recommend that you use our Racing sticking model.

Are they suitable for jumping?

The Explora Magic boot can be used seamlessly in your daily obstacle jumping training as well as cross country discipline. In addition, thanks to its ramp coupling system they can also be used for jumping obstacles on grass tracks.

Which boot model is most appropriate for each discipline?

It is designed for recreational and sports riding practice in any of its disciplines, being especially recommended for day-to-day sports training. In contrast, our Racing model (boot paid to the hoof) is specially designed for use in competition offering you maximum reliability and comfort.

Can the boots be rotated during use?

Explora Boot provides solutions, and one of them and of which we are most satisfied is its innovative anti-turn shape, which wraps the hoof to the heels, “like a glove” and prevents the boots (well-fitted) from turning on the go.

What terrains can they be used in?

This boot is ready to fit any terrain. With coupling of vidias for ice and coupling of ramplons for grassy slopes.

When should I wear boots?

When training or riding conditions require it. There are many factors that influence the quality of a barefoot horse’s hooves, but in general we will wear boots whenever palm sensitivity or excessive hoof wear occurs. It is advisable to evaluate the condition of its hooves with the help of a professional; veterinarian or equine podiatrist.

How can I take care of my boots to keep them in good condition?

It is best to give it a rinse with water after each use and avoid leaving them exposed to direct sunlight.

How do you clean your boots?

You can clean them with water

Can I wear ramplons with my boots?

Yes, the Magic boot is prepared so that jumping or ice ramps can be attached to it in a very simple way.

Should I put the boots on all fours or can I put them only on the front or back?

No, boots are generally used when the hoof needs protection during work (sports or recreational riding), so it is recommended to use it on members who need that protection. It is quite common for a “light” job it is necessary to protect only the hands, which is where the horse carrys much more weight, leaving the feet barefoot. It should always be consulted with the equine specialist, veterinarian or podiatrist to assess the specific needs of each horse.


How long do the boots last?

The durability of the boots is about 1000 km, but this will depend on several factors, such as the weight of the horse, the type of terrain on which it is mounted, the type of work that is done, the speed and tread of the horse, etc.

Can all boot accessories be replaced to extend their service life?

Yes, all accessories in our horse boots are easily replaceable.

Any tips for extending the life of your boots?

Fundamentally choose the right size so that the boot has a good fit and does not “dance” on the foot or get too tight. Other factors that extend its lifespan are to maintain proper cleaning.

In addition, its use in combination with conventional metal horseshoes is completely discouraged; for example: hands of the horse roaded with boots and feet with metal horseshoes.


How should I take the measurements of the hooves?

For a good adjustment it is necessary to perform a correct action. To do this it is only necessary to follow our adjustment guide and always keep in mind that the horse must be barefoot and with a natural cut made recently.

How can I check if my boots are large or small?

The boot should not “dance” on the horse’s foot, nor get too tight so that it cost too much to fit them. In general, the boot wall should be in contact with the hull wall.

What size do I choose?

The size will always be determined by the measurements of the hoof. In our measurement chart you can easily find the most suitable size for each size of hoof. If you still have doubts, you can consult with our customer service department (info@explorahorseboots.com) who will solve all your doubts and recommend the most suitable size.

What if the measurements of the horse's hooves are not the same as each other?

The measurements of the hooves on both feet or two hands may not be the same as each other. This should not pose any problems; simply choose in our size chart the size that corresponds to the measurements taken.

Boot fit

How should the hooves be before placing the boots?

It is important that before placing the boots the hoof is clean; cleaning the side grooves of the frog well and removing from the palm possible feet or foreign elements.

Can I put my own/or the boots on?

Of course! In addition, the Magic boot is set in the blink of an eye and with minimal effort, thanks to its innovative “Easy On” system.

Do I need any special accessories or tools to place the boots?

No, you can easily fasten them without using any “extra” tools, thanks to its simple stretch straps.

How do boots fit in thorny, flared or irregular hooves?

The Explora Magic boot is totally revolutionary in this sense as it can be adjusted to all types of hoof thanks to its adjustment options both vertically and horizontally of the heel protective shield. It is even possible to adjust the boot differently for each pulp, independently!

In addition, its an elastic wall makes it easy to adapt to different hull angles. But if, however, you find that your horse’s hooves have a very specific shape, a special adjustment can be made by molding them to the exact shape of each hoof by applying heat.

How do boots adapt by applying heat?

It can be easily molded by applying hot air with a decay gun. You can consult our tutorials for this or consult us so that we recommend a professional in your area who can adapt the boots to your horse.

The horse's hooves

My horse has irregular hooves, can you wear these boots?

No problem. They can also be heat molded to suit any irregularity.

My horse has laminitis, can you wear these boots?

If you can use them if you have light laminitis and will do training work or field outings. But if he’s still in the rehab phase and doesn’t do work, then the boot that’s best for him would be our therapy boot.

My horse has high heels, can you wear these boots?

Of course. The Explora Magic boot heel protector has 3 height adjustment positions so you can easily adapt it to any type of heels.


Para lograr un buen ajuste es muy importante elegir la talla de bota adecuada y para ello el casco debe haber sido recortado recientemente.

  1. Recorta el casco siguiendo las directrices de recorte natural o “natural trimming” (con su rolling, etc.)
  2. Prueba las botas para asegurarte de que son de la talla adecuada. Si se adaptan bien, puedes colocarlas siguiendo las indicaciones de ajuste. Si no se adaptan bien (cascos irregulares, topinos o acampanados), plantéate realizar un ajuste con calor para adaptar la bota al casco en lugar de a la inversa. Ten en cuenta que las botas Explora Boot han sido diseñadas para caballos con una altura de talones natural, no ajustarán bien en cascos con talones excesivamente altos.
  3. Si optas por moldear las botas mediante ajuste con calor, éste sería el momento adecuado.

Si tienes dudas, no dudes en ponerte en contacto con nosotros a través del email info@explorahorseboots.com. Trataremos de ayudarte en todo lo que podamos



  1. Desancla la tira elástica de los tornillos (situados a ambos lados del protector de pulpejos) y aflójalas sin soltarlas de los ojales del protector.
  2. Desancla la pulsera superior (zona de cuartilla) para poder introducir la pezuña en la bota
  3. Introduce el casco en la bota. Para ello, sujeta el protector de pulpejos e introduce el casco dentro de la bota.
  4. Comprueba la posición de los pulpejos y talones dentro de la bota
    Los talones deben quedar bien sujetos por la bota para evitar posibles giros. Y los pulpejos deben quedar alojados en las ventanas posteriores. Si no es así, en la parte central del protector de talones dispones de un tornillo regulador de altura que se puede colocar en 3 posiciones distintas para modificar su altura y conseguir que los pulpejos queden en la posición adecuada.
  5. Vuelve a anclar las tiras elásticas a los tornillos de botón laterales del protector; probando las diferentes posiciones posibles hasta conseguir un ajuste óptimo: no deben quedar ni flojas ni muy apretadas. El caballo debe estar cómodo.
  6. Ancla de nuevo la pulsera superior (zona cuartilla)Introduce el extremo de la pulsera en la trabilla y ancla la pulsera al tornillo botón presionándola sobre él. Por este orden. El cierre de la pulsera debe quedar hacia la parte de afuera del casco. Si no es asi, puede recolocarse cambiando el tornillo de lado. Es muy importante que la pulsera quede holgada, dejando 1-2 dedos entre ella y la pata del caballo.

¿CASCOS LARGOS? Ajusta el protector de pulpejos

Si el ancho de la bota es el adecuado, pero el protector de pulpejos queda demasiado apretado, puede ser porque el largo del casco es ligeramente mayor que el de la bota. Eso no es un problema, ya que puedes retrasar la posición del protector girando 180º los 2 anclajes laterales que unen el protector con la suela de la bota. Este ajuste extra es opcional y no suele ser necesario.

¿Cascos altos o bajos? Ajusta la altura del protector de pulpejos

Si la bota no queda a la altura adecuada, será necesario ajustar la altura del protector de pulpejos. Para ello, dispones de un tornillo regulador de altura que se puede colocar en 3 posiciones distintas (por defecto la bota se envia con el tornillo en la posición intermedia) para lograr que los pulpejos queden en la posición adecuada.


Para quitar la bota correctamente, debes desenganchar las tiras elásticas sin sacarlas por completo del pasador situado el la parte superior del protector de pulpejos. Es muy sencillo, pero es muy importante que lo hagas correctamente.

Para ello, primero debes tirar de ellas en sentido longitudinal (no perpendicular) a la bota en dirección a la parte trasera del casco (para desbloquearla), y después tirar de ellas en sentido contrario para aflojarlas sin sacarlas por completo del ojal lateral del protector de pulpejos.